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caserio reconvertido hotel restaurante

An 18th century farmhouse converted into a hotel and restaurant

The Larrañaga hamlet differs externally from the other hamlets, by the discreet cornice that tops its walls. The interior, is endowed with great originality, derived from the determination taken by Martín de Abaria - a profession's owner - to rebuild a building of his property affected in 1711 by a large fire. The work was carried out mainly in the two years following the fire.

Its plant is rectangular. It has two floors and attic, being the roof to three waters. The lower one is structured by thick masonry walls and six solid stone pillars, the intermediate spaces being covered by vaults of a very different format.

After his rehabilitation, he currently hosts the LARRAÑAGA HOTEL.

Caserio Larrañaga

Hotel Larrañaga
Ctra Urrestilla s/n
20730 Azpeitia
Gipuzkoa · Basque Country · Spain

+34 943 81 11 80
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